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The Kolbrin Bible offers us warnings about what is to come, which is the primary focus of our research.  Marshall Masters, its publisher, is available for interviews.   Please get in touch with us at

A wide range of other topics are available.  Below is a small sample of an engaging and timely few.

The Attack on the Modern Family

These are stressful times for the institution of marriage.  Never in America’s history have so many lived alone and where the children of two-parent homes are an ever-dwindling minority.

It is as though this tear in the warp and weft of family and faith that bind the fabric of our society is irreparable.   Sadly, we ask, “Is this as good as it gets?:

The ancients say no and show us the wisdom of balance, respect, and responsibility.  Some offer enlightening hope, such as:

Scrolls 31:2 Earth knows no greater joy than that of contented wedded love.  Such love is a beaconlight to all mankind; it guides the caravan of its journeying with a pure and sacred flame.

The Kolbrin Bible offers ancient wisdom for families of the future because what worked for them can help us restore the fabric of our culture going forward.

The Threat of Wayward Sons

The Ancients tell us that men created the institution of marriage for the benefit of women and, in turn, that of family, and there is a cultural diversity of such stories in The Kolbrin Bible.

Manuscripts 3:8 …Men shall be divided by their races, and the children will be born as strangers among them.  Brother shall strive with brother and husband with wife.  Fathers will no longer instruct their sons, and the sons will be wayward.  Women will become the common property of men and will no longer be held in regard and respect.

The ancients warn us that the Destroyer is returning to devastate our world with a terrible loss of life.  As this maelstrom unfolds, we shall see a fatherless generation bereft of male role models struggling to cope.  The implications of this will be severe for women and children.

The Kolbrin Bible offers ancient wisdom for understanding the responsibilities of manhood and what it means to be a good man, and we’ll need a lot of them.

The “Other” Flood Story

There are over 150 deluge accounts worldwide in various texts and folklore, and Noah’s Flood is one of them—another in The Kolbrin Bible correlates to the Genesis account.  To illustrate the point, let’s see who boarded the ark before it sailed, beginning with Noah’s passenger manifest.

The Holy Bible
Noah’s Flood

Genesis 7:13 In this self-same day went in Noah, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife and the three wives of his sons with them, unto the ark;

Noah’s passenger manifest was small.  This much is certain, but what of the Egyptian manifest?

The Kolbrin Bible
Floodtale of Sisuda and Hanok

Gleanings 4:23 The king had entered and with him those of his blood; in all fourteen, for it was forbidden that his household go into the ship.  of all the people who entered with him, two understood the ways of the sun and moon and the ways of the year and the seasons.  One the quarrying of stones, one the making of bricks and one the making of axes and weapons.  One the playing of musical instruments, one bread, one the making of pottery, one the care of gardens and one the carving of wood and stone.  One the making of roofs, one the working of timbers, one the making of cheese and butter.  One the growing of trees and plants, one the making of ploughs, one the weaving of cloth and making of dyes, and one the brewing of beer.  One the felling and cutting of trees, one the making of chariots, one dancing, one the mysteries of the scribe, one the building of houses and the working of leather.  There was one skilled in the working of cedar and willow wood, and he was a hunter; one who knew the cunning of games and circus, and he was a watchman.  There was an inspector of water and walls, a magistrate and a captain of men.  There were three servants of God.  There was Hanok and his brother and their households, and Dwyvan and six men who were strangers.

As the passage above shows, the Egyptians are passionate about granular details.  That’s good because when we correlate these with scriptures from the Holy Bible, the story expands into a new dimension.  What do we find in that new dimension?  The great deluge was a pole shift event caused by a previous flyby of the Destroyer.