Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection: Why the Kolbrin Bible Is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X

Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible Connection: Why the Kolbrin Bible Is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X

Greg Jenner, Author
Marshall Masters, Contributor

Why The Kolbrin Bible is the Rosetta Stone of Planet X

The Kolbrin Bible describes a massive object the Egyptians called “The Destroyer,” which orbits our Sun and is due to return with catastrophic results. Today, we call it Nibiru or Planet X.

Greg Jenner spent decades researching these prophecies and believes the ancients have clearly warned us of this object’s return. 

He also correlates Nostradamus’s “Bearded Star,” Mother Shipton’s “Fiery Dragon,” and the “Red Comet” warning of the Mayan Calendar Prophecies.  


For those new to the “Destroyer” prophecies of The Kolbrin Bible, this book offers a unique, rapid mastery path into this knowledge.  Reading it only takes a few hours, after which you have the critical insights you need to make an informed decision about studying these ancient prophecies from around the world, and which are coming to pass today.


    • Cover: Laminate Hardcover
    • Pages: 90 pages
    • Weight: 10.2 ounces
    • Dimensions 6 x 0.19 x 9 inches
    • ISBN-10: 1597721166
    • ISBN-13: 978-1597721165
    • Published: May 9, 2008


  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 92 pages
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    ISBN-13: 978-1597720700
  • May 9, 2008

Greg Jenner spent decades connecting the dots for this book. Now you can do the same in a single evening!

Excerpt from the Introduction

This work will outline ‘the return’ of the Destroyer by arguing its cyclical nature. To prove this crucial point this writer includes three epic sagas gleaned from the Kolbrin Bible, including:

    • The sinking of Atlantis (Egypt’s motherland)
    • The Deluge (Noah’s Flood), including a Celtic account of the Deluge
    • The Exodus (including the slaves flight to freedom).

As you will discover later, the Destroyer caused or contributed to all three of these events.

 Table of Contents

    • Foreword by Marshall Masters
    • Jeremiah’s Warning
    • Planet X Investigation
    • The Kolbrin Bible
    • The Space Monster’s ‘Incoming Mail’
    • The Solar System’s Dark Companion — Our Horned Dark Sister
    • The Hour of ‘The Destroyer’ Is At Hand
    • Destroyer’s Doomshape — A Twisted Serpent
    • Sinking Of Atlantis — Triggered By Phaeton (The Destroyer)
    • Noah’s Flood — Triggered By the Destroyer
    • The Floodtale of Celtic Tradition—Triggered By The Doomdragon’
    • Exodus — Triggered By The Destroyer
    • Paying Homage To The Destroyer
    • The ‘Shape’ of Things to Come
    • Prophet Elidor’s Warning of The ‘Frightener’
    • The Countdown to 2012